Friday, 26 October 2012

'Pocky' advert

With the brief about an advert for 'Pocky', the deadline arriving soon, it's been quite a while to get things up and running, but painting is well underway and collaboration of everything is coming together nicely. Just getting together enough resources to make it spooky and more scientifical! 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sun, sea, sand and the sniffles!

Original painting for illustrating the given article

Playing with ideas, felt it didn't quite give the quality I wanted, so looked back at the original and tweaked some bits to arrive at this:

That in mind, heres the final collaboration included in the article:

Hard at Work!

Been hard at work the past few weeks and realised, wait, BLOG!! With a new laptop, I had no idea what my password is but it's all under control!! 

So heres the work I've been producing and refining over the past few weeks! 
We'll start with an article about small victories...

Realising that it didn't quite fit, and with some direction adjusted my idea, so then arrived at this:

So Overall the production with a few more adjustments, the article ended up looking like this:

Still adjustments to be made on the centre victory symbol!