Sunday, 9 September 2012

Characters from summer

 Inspired by the work of Otto Dix, his dark humour and representation of the human figure and various patterns attracted me to his work.

 Jim flora's work is imminent in this piece, I enjoyed the energy of his work and the shapes that transpired with minimal colouring and straight edges.

 One of my favourite illustrators is Shaun Tan, his technique inspires me, the gentle lines and tones reminds me of a secretive mood, his characters emotions are down played and I love his take on illustrative artwork.

 Based on the work of Alberto Cerriteno, a new artist to me, his work jumped out at me with its patterned liveliness. I loved the colours he used and the development of figures from use of various shapes.

 Based on a short project work by Oliver Jeffers, his 'A world with Coffee' made me realize that with minimal materials can create something illustratively humorous and different.

The Summer has come to a close, that doesn't mean my art work took on a halt. The past few months have encouraged me to develop my art work and explore the various techniques of other illustrators.
This body of work represents different characters in a range of poses. Inspired by my own feelings, and illustrators I enjoyed for a number of reasons, this artwork are all female with various feelings that I have encountered over the Summer.

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